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All is wellness with canine companion at St. Greg’s

“Dogs in schools are becoming very popular, and people wanting to bring their pets everywhere with them is very rampant. But really wanting to do it in an ethical way, really seeking out the best information, and being willing to invest time, energy, and funds into doing it well, I think they’re at the forefront,” said Clarke.

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Museum unveiling ‘How Our History Fits’

After some time tinkering around with a model train from the 1970s, the Northern Rockies Museum recreated a scene of Hinton using miniature models of historical buildings for the new exhibit, How Our History Fits.

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HCHS wins way into rugby 7s provincials

The Harry Collinge High School girls senior 7s rugby team rolled to a zone championship May 27 in Thorsby and punched their ticket to the inaugural Alberta Schools Athletic Association (ASAA) provincial championships this coming week in St. Albert.

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Hinton dancers go international

After a successful and organized year, Hinton School of Dance (HSD) showed off their best routines during two weekends of performances in May. Around 100 students took to the stage and 38 of them form the exam division who after precise training will take the international exam on June 13 and 14.

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Lost In Transition? What is future of local projects?

It’s been little more than a month since the United Conservative Party (UCP) earned a majority government in the provincial election, and less than a week since the new government sat in its first legislative session.

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Neighbourlink rises from the ashes

Neighbourlink is celebrating its grand opening of a new storage facility June 7 after working to raise funds and rebuild what they had before a fire took down their old facility.

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PARTY offers up intense lessons

“911, what’s your emergency?” students from Harry Collinge High School heard as an old clip of a 911 call that had occurred in Yellowhead County.

Throughout the almost half-hour clip, students heard the voice of a young woman, crying, yelling, and trying to make sense of the vehicle roll over from which she just crawled.

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Push for change of mobile home tenancy act

Hinton council is pushing for a review of the Mobile Home Sites Tenancies Act in order to improve the quality of life and safety of mobile home tenants in Alberta.

A resolution was submitted to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) calling for a review in order to put pressure on the Government of Alberta to address issues with the act.

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CEAC streamlines work with council and public

After reflection and re-evaluation of the Community Engagement and Advisory Committee (CEAC) a new Terms of Reference and work plan for 2019 was formed, including limiting the number of public members from nine to seven.

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Mountain View preps for a musical adventure

Wild animals have been roaming around École Mountain View School preparing for their big stage debut in June.

Music and drama teacher Jessica Smeall has been working with students from grade four to seven since December on the junior play, ‘Madagascar – A Musical Adventure.’

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