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Thirty six years and still waiting

News of a body being found outside Hinton last week caused a flurry of speculation about whether the discovery would bring closure to one of a few high-profile missing persons cases in our area from the past few decades.

The Hinton RCMP released a statement on May 3 saying that an autopsy had been performed and next of kin had been notified. They also indicated there would be no additional information about the case as the circumstances around the death are ongoing.

The bitter irony is that the RCMP press release came out 36 years to the day of the disappearance of Shelly-Anne Bacsu. Her mother, Muriel, continues to wait for closure on her daughter’s disappearance.

When we spoke with Muriel and members of the RCMP for a feature on the 30th anniversary of the disappearance they all stated strong beliefs that somebody in Hinton knows the fate of Shelly-Anne. Somebody in this community can bring closure to this case for the Bacsus.

Muriel continues her quest, stating on a May 3 Facebook post that she still can’t comprehend why anyone would want to harm or hurt Shelly-Anne and why those who know something have not come forward.

“You obviously have absolutely no conscious or regrets for what you have done. So I will tell you this their is not a prison or a person on this earth that can harm you like what will happen to you when you meet your maker,” she wrote.

“So you have made it one more year without getting caught do you feel the walls closing in you are getting older and even though you have no conscious you can’t live forever. So if your not gotten here you will eventually pay.”

The news from May 3 means one family will receive closure about a loved one, our thoughts and prayers remain with those who wait.