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Day: 25 July 2019

Junior squads prepare for the best

Two junior A hockey teams in Hinton are moving forward in preparation for the upcoming hockey season, though only one can move ahead.

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ISL agreement with the town ends

A service contract between Hinton and ISL Engineering came to an end on June 26 and the town is not planning on renewing their agreement with ISL.

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MPB focus of fun park performance

The ravenous Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) showed off it’s sneaky ways of taking over the forest during the Battle of the Beetle at Gregg Lake campground.

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IDP approval process postponed until August

Edits were made to the draft Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) and agreed upon between Town of Hinton and Yellowhead County administration.

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Mary Reimer Rodeo bringing bullfighting to the Friday night lineup

Acrobatics, running, and jumping are all included when three men try to control an aggressive fighting bull at the Mary Reimer Memorial Rodeo.

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