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Folk That Gets You Stoked

Hinton Voice Photo – Shred Kelly

Masha Scheele

Shred Kelly is celebrating their 10th birthday on July 24, just four days after their performance at Hinton’s Wild Mountain Music Festival.

“We don’t have a show after Hinton until August, so we can call that our birthday party,” said Sage McBride, vocals and keys of the BC-based band.

For their second time performing at the Hinton festival, fans can expect a high energy live show, interactive with the crowd and hopefully inspiring lots of dancing, said McBride.

The band will perform music from across all four of their albums, and if Hinton is lucky, the crowd could be treated with a number from their brand new album to be released in the spring of 2020.

“We are working on a new album and we are doing some recording this summer so we might perform a new one, but we’ll see,” said McBride.

Before the band arrives in Hinton they will be busy recording in Vancouver, and then going back to finish up.

“We’ll try to record as many as we can this summer and then we might add a couple in the fall. If something hits us that we really want to add before the project is finalized,” said McBride.

McBride explained that over the course of creating four different albums and experimenting with their music they’ve identified their signature sound.

“It’s kind of evolved over the years based on our musical taste and what we’re into at the moment. Without really knowing, it finds its way into our music and every album that comes out is our favourite album to date because it aligns most with what we’re currently into, I suppose,” she said.

As their sound has evolved over time the one defining constant thread is the upbeat energy that ignites the dance floor during their shows.

When Shred Kelly first began touring they defined themselves as a folk-rock band, but would often receive feedback that their sound isn’t what the crowd expected from folk-rock.

“I guess they thought it would be a little bit more of a down tempo and it ended up just being a giant dance party. And so a friend on tour with us told us that we should call it stoke-folk, because it’s folk music that gets people stoked,” McBride explained. 

After gaining some popularity, the band began touring internationally and found that stoke-folk was tough to translate before going with the definition of alternative-folk.

This year, the band gained two more members as bass-player Jordan Vlasschaert and his partner and McBride and partner/vocalist and strings in the band, Tim Newton, both welcomed their babies in the spring.

“We haven’t been playing as many live shows, so we’re excited to just get back on stage,” said McBride.

She admitted that a lot more work is going into preparation before heading to their shows now that they have to think about child care.

“We’ve done three shows since our baby was born and they’ve all gone really well,” said McBride.

“Maybe when she gets older she could stay with her grandparents and stuff, but for the first few years she’ll be with us on the road.”

McBride added that they are keeping a running list of all the bands she’s watched at each show, so far they’ve included shows in Fernie, Revelstoke, and Banff.

“Who knows what will happen in the future, maybe a tour nanny,” she laughed.

Baby Murphy Newton-McBride will also join the band in Hinton.

“You might see her dancing. I don’t know if she’ll be able to stay up late enough to catch our set,” joked McBride.

Shred Kelly is part of a Wild Mountain lineup that includes Colin James, Five Alarm Funk, Terra Lightfoot and Harry Manx, among others, that will hit the stage July 19-21. Tickets are available online or at Cold Creek Boutique, The Old Grind and Maximum Work Gear. 

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