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IDP approved by Yellowhead Council

Masha Scheele

Yellowhead County council gave second and third reading to the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) on July 23, while Hinton council is yet to give third reading of the IDP on Aug. 20.

Hinton Council postponed third reading in order to gain more knowledge of the document.

During the special meeting on July 31, Peter Vana, interim director of planning & development explained in detail what was included in each section of the IDP to provide more clarity to councillors.

Vana stated that section one refers to the plan area and includes the purpose of the plan is to facilitate and sustain long term strategic growth in the joint development areas between the county and town.

“The boundary is the athabasca river, and the county land surrounding west, south, and east of Hinton.

Those correlate to three area structure plans that the town had previously,” stated Vana.

Section two of the IDP affects growth and development to ensure compatibility and complementary land uses between two municipalities, he went on to explain.

Under the IDP, each municipality will be responsible for their own infrastructure, while community services in the boundary will be shared between municipalities.

The final section of the IDP, section three, states how the IDP will be implemented and how issues will be resolved.

After the IDP is adopted by Hinton, each municipality will have jurisdiction within their boundaries. 

Minor reviews of the plan will be done as the need arises, and a major review will be done every five years.

An intermunicipal committee  made up of members from both municipalities will be set up to meet on a regular basis to oversee amendments, make recommendations, and monitor the implementation of policies.

Next, the two municipalities will prepare an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) that builds off the current Revenue Sharing Agreement. 

An approved IDP and ICF have been mandated by the Province to be completed by April 1, 2020 between municipalities that share a boundary.

A meeting between the two municipalities was previously set to kick off discussions  around the ICF stated Vana, and both councils will also meet during this process.