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Lyseng – from class clown to a comedy lifestyle

Masha Scheele

Anybody that’s attending the Boob Tour in Hinton this month is about to get to know stand-up comic Brittany Lyseng very well. 

Lyseng describes herself as a storyteller comic and brings with her an act full of stories based on things that have happened throughout her life. 

“I talk a lot about my family and my life and my friends. Being single at 33 and that kind of stuff. I talk a little bit about living and working in the blue collar world for as long as I did and the stuff that happened there. It’s very anecdotal and easy listening,” she said.

She admitted that in the past her parents jokingly asked her to include them a little bit less in her stand up bits or try to find another family to make fun of.

The Voice asked her a series of questions to better introduce Lyseng to Hinton prior to the Sept. 21 show that raises funds for the Hinton cancer clinic via the Hinton Community Healthcare Foundation.

The Voice: How did you get your start in comedy?

Lyseng: I got my start in comedy in Calgary at a little show called Broken City. It’s actually the longest running open mic in Canada now but it’s great for first timers. That’s where I first started with my first five-minute set there. At 28.

The Voice: When did you first know that you were funny?

Lyseng: They used to put me in those three sided wall desks in school because I was so disruptive. Probably then, I was a funny kid. I always wanted to do this, it’s just a hard thing to figure out how to do. I was always a funny kid but figuring out how to make a living out of that was a little bit of a challenge.

I was in the odd play in school, but never any stand up comedy of any kind other than telling stories to my friends. I used to go to Yuk Yuk’s (Canada’s National Stand-Up Comedy Clubs) every year. I was just trying to figure out how to do it and where to go, they recommended Broken City so that was really my first time of any kind doing stand up comedy at 28 [years-old].

The Voice: Who are your biggest comic influences?

Lyseng: I always answer differently when people ask me this, it drives everybody nuts. Sarah Silverman is typically someone I gravitate towards, she’s one of the funniest people, funniest comedians, and certainly funniest female stand up comedians. I like her a whole bunch, Sarah Silverman is a huge influence in my life.

The Voice: What is it like being a woman in comedy?

Lyseng: I typically gravitate towards male dominated industries, so I’m usually the only girl ever. I was an elevator mechanic before this so it’s similar to that. I like being with all the guys, a lot of other people think it’s maybe a little bit harder but when you’re the only female around, you get a lot of stage time and you can work it to your advantage. I like being a woman in comedy, it feels like home to me.

Lyseng has toured across Canada, and has been seen on The Debaters, Just For Laughs, and Kevin Hart’s LOL, just to name a few.

Most recently she was a finalist on SiriusXM Top Comic and next up she will be releasing an album with 604 records in Vancouver.

She became involved with the Boob Tour through its founder, James Uloth, who is a friend of Lyseng.

“It’s a fantastic cause. It’s a lot of fun. Fundraisers are a lot of fun to perform at because everybody is there for a good reason. They’re all ready to laugh,” she said.