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Meet The Candidates – Yellowhead 2019

Gerald Soroka
Conservative Party of Canada (CPC)

Gerald Soroka is a third generation Yellowhead county resident and is proud of his roots in rural Alberta. Gerald resides on a farm north of Evansburg on the original homestead his grandparents moved to in 1930.
Having spent his life working on his family’s farm, Gerald understands the importance of hard work. He understands the issues facing farmers and rural Albertans because he is one.
Currently serving as the Mayor of Yellowhead County, Gerald has experience coming to solutions about rural issues. In addition, Gerald previously served as the Vice President and President of the West Central Forage Association as well as the Vice President of the Alberta Forage Council.
Gerald has been knocking on doors across Yellowhead and one thing has remained clear, that life has gotten more expensive under Justin Trudeau. It’s getting harder and harder to get by.
Gerald understands that Canadians are under pressure and worried about their future. Their dreams are getting further out of reach. They are looking for help. Trudeau has proven he cannot be trusted to deliver it. If Trudeau is re-elected and given four more years his carbon tax will go up and make everyday essentials more expensive.
Two thirds of Canadians feel that they either can’t pay their bills – or they feel they have nothing left over at the end of the month after they do. Gasoline. Groceries. Home heating. Real estate. Debt. Everything keeps getting more expensive. 
The last four years have shown that Trudeau is simply not as advertised. Trudeau said he would help the middle class. Instead, he raised taxes on over 80% of middle-class Canadians. Nearly 50% of Canadians report being overwhelmed by their debts. They’ve stopped saving for retirement and are now just trying to keep their head above water. People are barely getting by. And they’re definitely not getting ahead.
As the Mayor of Yellowhead County Gerald understands how hard it can be for Albertans to get ahead without the government making it more difficult. A new Conservative government will live within its means and put more money in your pocket so you can get ahead.
A Conservative government will scrap the carbon tax, take the GST off home heating bills, and lower personal taxes to help Canadians get ahead. Under Andrew Scheer’s leadership, any new spending not already budgeted for must be paid for from savings within the government. Put another way, if you decide to take a family holiday, your roof repair has to wait. You can’t do both. Your bank account is not a bottomless pit, and neither is the taxpayer’s pocket. 
Gerald Soroka is running to champion the residents of Yellowhead so they can get ahead, not just get by.

Douglas Galavan
People’s Party of Canada (PPC)

Douglas Galavan is the second youngest from a large, farming family of 6 children and was raised in the rural Calmar area. He is educated as a Mechanical Engineer Technologist and moved to Drayton Valley in 1990, where he has been a business owner, operator for 29 years. Douglas and his wife, Christina of 32 years, have 4 grown children and have recently been blessed with a daughter-in law and 2 grandchildren. More recently Douglas is one of the founding members of Rally Canada; a non-profit, non-partisan, advocacy group that has been active in Pro-Pipeline/Alberta Energy rallies and an instrumental part in facilitating eastern slopes residents and First Nation’s groups to help stop the Big Horn Park proposal this past winter.
If elected, I intend to bring a much sharper focus on our economy and economic recovery in the Yellowhead riding. As a business owner for 29 years, I know that funds are finite and I know that these funds come from you, the tax payer and are too precious to waste. Economic stability is the driving force to provide upgrades to our schools and hospitals and a healthy economy allows its residents to earn the incomes required to support the many public services necessary such as healthcare and education. This stability also attracts new residents to our municipalities and communities, increasing tax dollars, stabilizing housing prices and lowering vacancy rates.
My priorities if elected would be to 1) Push the new Federal Government in doing what is necessary to get the Yellowhead riding economy going strong again. That would include making sure the Trans Mountain Pipeline was built and that future environmentally sound projects were approved in a reasonable time frame to attract much needed investment back into the Yellowhead, create jobs and stop the economic attacks on our resource towns. 2) Ensure adequate funding is budgeted from the Federal Government to continue the fight on the pine beetle infestation. This environmental disaster continues to devastate the boreal forest in Hinton, Jasper and the Yellowhead riding and continues to create a huge loss for our forestry industry and a massive risk of potentially deadly, forest fires. 3) Bring to the forefront in Ottawa the economic impact for farmers with the recent trade disputes in China and refusal of Canadian exports as well as the attack on our beef farmers from foreign funded interest groups and to facilitate finding new markets for Canadian goods.
I describe myself first and foremost as a Husband, Father and Grandfather, then a respected businessman of 30 plus years. I am honest and passionate about Canada and I believe in human flourishing and believe the best way to achieve this is with Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness and Respect.

Editor’s Note: The Hinton Voice made multiple attempts to contact each confirmed candidate in the Yellowhead riding in order to publish a preliminary submission leading up to the All Candidate’s Forum on Sept. 30 at the Hinton Legion. We did not receive anything from Jeremy Hoefsloot of the Alberta Liberal Party, Angela Satdeo of the Alberta Green Party, Cory Lystang of the Libertarian Party, or Kristine Bowman of the New Democrat Party. We will be publishing coverage of answers provided at the forum in each issue leading up to the Oct. 21 Canadian federal election. Can’t make the forum and have a question or a particular issue? Send it to and we will see if the question can get answered at the forum.

Gordon Francey, a candidate who filed late with the Veterans Coalition Party of Canada.

Gordon Francey (LS, Ret’d)
Veterans Coalition Party

I am a Husband and Father. My wife Josephine and I have 2 children, ages 6 and 8. Like others before me, my father, his father, I signed on the dotted line and served for 14 years in the Canadian Military both land and sea, Reserve and Regular forces.
I was a member of a Lions Club for over 15 years and volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. I am currently employed in the Information Technology field.
I was asked why I chose to get involved with politics and specifically this party. The answer is really quite simple. I do this for both my children and yours. All children deserve a future where they can grow and learn and play without fear or prejudice. They are our future, and it is our duty to not only protect that future, but to ensure it will always be there for them. I have always been aware of politics throughout my life, but never thought I would actively participate. As time went by, I saw more and more broken promises by whoever was in power, always doing what benefited themselves and their re-election, never the people as a whole.
All politicians need to be held accountable. For that to happen something has to change.Whoever sits in Ottawa will never initiate that change, why would they? It doesn’t benefit them. Change can only happen when you look in a new direction. The VCP is that new direction.
The Veterans Coalition Party of Canada is a party of ordinary working-class Canadians like yourselves, who have had enough of the broken promises and the scandals. We know what it’s like to live pay to pay and complete the labour to do so. We are the only party that will hold ourselves accountable to the citizens of Canada by signing legal documentation. We are the only party wanting no tax on the CPP and to lower the age to 55. We are the only party that will eliminate the GST over a 4-year period. We want to abolish the carbon tax as it’s another tax.
The Veterans Coalition Party of Canada wants you to not only keep the money you have in your pockets but also lower taxes, build our economy, assist with mental healthcare, affordable housing and hunger programs.
I would be honoured to serve you faithfully and openly, with an open-door policy to hear your advice, and concerns.