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Monster Pro Wrestling heading to Hinton

Masha Scheele

Self proclaimed wrestling superfan, Danimal Daniel Jobber from Hinton, describes professional wrestling as a well scripted ballet with simulated violence.

He believes the unique thing about wrestling is the storytelling aspect and there is nothing quite like it.

“There’s real fighting, ballet, gymnastics, and they’re all very amazing athletes. But not a lot combines the two with an entertainment presence and a storytelling goal to bring it all together in a very entertaining product,” he said.

Jobber met some wrestlers and organizers from Monster Pro Wrestling (MPW) when they held an event in Hinton some years ago, and has since kept in touch with them.

He continued to push for another show, and finally they’re ready to return to Hinton.

“A lot of promotions don’t really see Hinton as a valuable market, and it’s sad because there’s a lot of people in Hinton. A lot of companies that aren’t pro wrestling see Hinton as a great market, it’s too bad a lot of wrestling companies don’t see the benefit of it,” he said.

After scoping out Masters Sports Lounge as a venue to host wrestling, he put the owners of the bar and the organizers of MPW in touch.

He felt the bar had a great atmosphere and if they draw a big enough crowd, he hopes to host more shows there in the future.

“It’s time for Hinton to really embrace a product that we haven’t had at this calibre for a really long time,” he said.

The last wrestling show in Hinton was a family event with a toned down storyline where the ‘good guys’ had to fight the ‘bad guys’.

But at the show on Sept. 21, the storyline will revolve around defending Hinton’s honour. The show headliner, Blake Kannon, calls Hinton his hometown, which will be used to build the narrative.

“People are proud of their town, they take pride and passion in their town. I think of Hinton as the industry standard of Alberta, we’re proud of that. The story telling, obviously people come from another town and they say ‘you’re not that good’ and we say ‘yes we’re a great town and if you have a problem with us, we’re going to settle this in the ring’,” said Jobber.

Future shows can build on that plot just as a TV show builds throughout the season.

Wrestling is very theatrical, but there’s still a risk of serious injury, explained Jobber. It may look like the wrestlers are hurting each other but they have to trust each other while creating the illusion of a serious vicious conflict.

“Theatre doesn’t usually have much of conflict, real fighting doesn’t have much of a story. Nothing combines the two that people can embrace and that businesses can embrace,” said Jobber.

The audience is encouraged to get involved in the narrative throughout the show and make as much noise as they want.

Jobber hopes to narrate and interview the wrestlers throughout the match to build the story.

He loves to promote the sport and has worked to get local businesses involved. In order to keep the shows coming to Hinton, he needs support not only from businesses but from people coming to check out the first show.

“To make it happen, my request is that Hinton really embraces this one. If people want to bring their kids to the next show, don’t forget to come to this show. This will show that this product belongs here and then the next show will happen,” he said.

The Fall Alberta Tour: Monster Pro Wrestling takes place at Hinton’s Masters Sports Lounge on Sept. 21. Doors open at 6 pm, with wrestling at 7 pm. 

Tickets are available at Masters Sports Lounge, or at the door before the event. For more info go to Monster Pro Wrestling on Facebook.