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The Boogie Patrol is on a roll

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Masha Scheele

The Boogie Patrol suggests everyone bring their dancing shoes to the annual Hinton Rotary Oktoberfest on Oct. 5.

The blues band returns to Hinton after a few successful shows at the Wild Mountain Festival.

‘Rott’n’ Dan Shinnan, lead singer of the Boogie Patrol, said it’s always a great time when they visit Hinton and they’re eager to be back. The Boogie Patrol is a high-energy bunch that love to play originals, but also have a big passion for the classics.

“We love James Brown, Otis Redding, The Isley Brothers, Robin Trower,” said Shinnan.

The blues were something that sort of happened to Shinnan as he figured out how he fit in as a young artist.

“I started playing the harmonica, I was mesmerized by it. I just loved the instrument. I thought, this is great but where does this instrument fit. I started listening and going to blues jams and it just hit me in a way,” he said. “We love the funk, the soul, the rock and roll, it’s infectious.”

In the past, he envisioned a number of different career paths but finding the natural high of being on stage and performing the blues was something he couldn’t let go.

“Often you get so into it and comfortable and natural and you just love doing it, especially with my love for the blues – it just feels like the first time, every time,” he added.

Since the bands inception in 2007, their music has evolved from gritty and grungy to tidy, sophisticated, and well-thought out, according to Shinnan.

“Half of me with this new stuff wants to go back to the dirt and grunge and gritty. But it goes both ways. There’s always new influences, they come and go. You have to always be growing and working on your craft, we get complacent and it’s not good,” he said.

‘Rott’n’ Dan explained how he got his nickname with a few tales of getting kicked out of public schools, dropping out of high school and later returning to school while jamming every weekend and getting into trouble regularly.

After one particular lively weekend he was asked how he felt and he responded with, “I feel pretty rotten,” and since then he’s been known as ‘Rott’n’ Dan.

“I’d like to say the whole rotten part is a contradiction. I’m not that bad a guy,” he chuckled.

He added that most blues players come with similar nicknames, and he likely won’t lose the title.

The band’s latest album, Man on Fire, was released in 2017 and received positive reviews from all over North America and Europe. 

Shinnan said they currently have some songs in the works but haven’t set an official release date.

He hopes by next year they can get into the studio and work on the album, but it’s difficult with some members living in Edmonton and some in Calgary.

As his own worst critic, he felt good about their last album but was sad when the recording experience was over. It was the first time the band worked with a producer and he enjoyed the studio work.

“Recording it was a magical experience. When you get to totally wrap yourself up in it and capture these songs. Some were very fresh,” he said.

When they put out the previous album they were busy with a lot of shows, which has slowed down lately as each of the members is at a different point in their lives or enjoying playing with other musicians. Shinnan has been touring with Colin James for the past months, but looks forward to getting back to playing with The Boogie Patrol crew.

“We’re a fun band, we have fun doing it. We’re a group of guys that love playing together. We’ve been a group for 13 years now. That’s the reality we love shows,’ he said.

He added that it meant a lot to get the call from Hinton and being asked to play at Oktoberfest.

The Hinton Rotary Oktoberfest starts at 6pm on Oct. 5, tickets are available at The Wild Orchid Liquor Company, or online at Eventbrite (Hinton Oktoberfest).For more info or to volunteer, email