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Hintonites offer haunting Halloween experience

Masha Scheele

Hintonite Stephanie Hawthorne has been preparing not only her own costume for Halloween, but has also been collecting the perfect decorations and props for her expanded haunted house.

Last year, Hawthorne and her boyfriend decided they would host their first impromptu haunted house and ended up with around 300 people creeping through their garage. They decided to kick it up a notch and are expanding the maze-type haunted house from inside their garage out onto their driveway.

“We had it in the driveway last year but we’re covering it and double the size this year,” said Hawthorne.

With little time to assemble the haunted house last year, they accepted all the help they could to put the event together.

Hawthorne started earlier with preparations for the upcoming house and already recruited volunteers to help set up makeshift walls and decorate their garage.

“My boyfriend is a carpenter, he got a bunch of pallets and put up the maze last year,” said Hawthorne.

Visitors can expect a lot of blacklights, strobe lights, and scary beings jumping out at them.

“We had 15 kids cry and one pee their pants,” she said about last year.

With so many people who showed up last year, they decided to work together with the SPCA and collect donations for them.

“People can bring supplies or money or whatever. Everything will go to the SPCA,” she said.

With Halloween being Hawthorne’s favourite holiday, starting up their very own haunted house was a no-brainer.

“There was a haunted house that used to be really big a few years ago. They used to do fireworks and they had it every year but stopped doing it. I don’t know why,” she said.

“We figured we’d pick up where he left off.”

Hawthorne figured people were excited to see a haunted house in the area after not having one for some time. Assembly of the haunted house starts this weekend and they will be ready to scare all the trick-or-treating kids and their parents on Halloween.

Hawthorne hopes to continue the tradition for many years to come.

The second annual haunted house is open at 5:30 pm until 10:30 pm at 104 Poboktan Road and all SPCA donations are welcome.

Harry Collinge High School is also hosting the Hinton Halloween Family Dance on Saturday, Oct. 26, and a Halloween Birthday Party is hosted by the Hinton & District Spay and Neuter Society on Oct. 26 at the Northern Rockies Museum.