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Jump for fire chief reward

Fire Rescue provided photo
Rogue Smith

Masha Scheele

Over the last two years, Crescent Valley elementary school has been sending kids on the big red fire truck to spend a day as a fire chief.

The top two fundraisers for the Jump Rope for Heart event win the title and get to experience what a day at the fire hall is like.

Crescent Valley originally asked the fire department to donate a prize for the winning students, but instead they offered their time and a fun learning experience.

Rogue Smith was one of the winners both years after he knocked on doors and asked locals for donations for Jump Rope for Heart, an event by the Heart and Stroke Foundation that funds critical research to prevent heart disease and stroke, and supports survivors and their families.

“I thought it would be cool and I knew the firefighters from last year already,” said Smith who is in grade four.

Jace Erickson and Emma Burry, who recently moved away, each won the top fundraising spots in the past two years as well.

Erickson, who is now in Grade 3, explained how they got picked up from school by the fire truck and added that one of his friends seemed a tad envious of him.

Smith agreed, “One of my friends was actually really jealous and he said next year I’m going to beat you. But I actually beat him in the money raising again last year.”

After getting picked up, the students drove around in the truck and went for lunch with the fire crew. The best part of the day was hanging out with the firefighters, said Smith.

“My favourite thing was going into the practice fire course. We just looked around. We got a tour,” said Erickson.

At the firehall they participated in some activities and learned how to use the fire hose.

Despite the hose being heavy, the two boys aimed it at one of the fire chiefs and blasted him with water.

After the day was over, the boys got a ride back in the truck to their school, with the mission to win again the next year.

Smith also joined the fire department in the Canada Day parade this year.

In an attempt to make him go to the parade, his mom called the fire department to ask when they would be driving past, to which they responded with an invitation to join them.

Smith likes to meet the fire department at every community event and he’s well known among the fire crew.

When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he said he’s still deciding between an NHL hockey goaltender and a fire chief.

“I kinda want to be a fire chief but I’m still deciding,” he said.

He added that if the NHL career doesn’t work out, he’ll likely go for the role of fire chief.