No approval for Maxwell Lake rec area plan yet

Masha Scheele

Discussion around finalizing the Maxwell Lake recreational area outline plan was tabled by council until a standing committee before the end of June 2020.

Mayor Marcel Michaels commented that the Beaver boardwalk committee should first be finalized before moving forward with specific items in the plan.

“There are parts we still need to discuss,” said Michaels.

Council has also learned more about the wetland policy and wetland values in recent months, and still doesn’t have all the information to put together the final plan, which will serve to instruct administration, stated Coun. Dewly Nelson. 

“I also look forward to having a surface level discussion about parks in Hinton and if we think it’s healthy to have a projected natural space per capita five times more than Canmore. Whether that’s sustainable from a maintenance perspective and a cost perspective,” said Nelson.

Coun. Ryan Maguhn asked whether administration looked at the report with the wetland and Alberta environment perspective.

Building in a wetland and a geotechnical survey have been included and a shift in wetland value was determined said Hans van Klaveren, community services.

He added that the only item reviewed in the plan was the education node as it sits in the wetland, whereas other items are further away from the wetland on higher ground.

Administration reminded council that by next June they will be working on their maintenance plan and would like any revisions to the Maxwell Lake recreational area outline plan to be finalized and approved before then to ensure administration doesn’t start maintenance they would later have to undo due to changes in the Maxwell Lake plan.

Minor changes to the plan were made since it was first presented to the community, including continuing using street parking with dedicated handicapped stalls at primary entrances, scaling back enhancements, removal of the day use fire pits, a redesign of the outdoor classroom, removal of the dock and boat launch, removal of additional programming, and a change from asphalt pathways to gravel.

“One of the items was the shade structure of the outdoor learning place has been removed, and [change] to the location of the outhouse addition that’s possible at the Reimer Drive location,” said van Klaveren.

Coun. Dewly Nelson felt the outdoor classroom wasn’t necessary as St. Gregory Catholic School already has one and it’s also in the works at École Mountain View School. He also didn’t support using the Hinton Mountain Bike parking area as the Maxwell Lake area parking, as well as spending funds on lighting the area.