No place for harassment in Hinton

Masha Scheele

The Town of Hinton released a public statement on Oct. 17 to address racist, threatening and defamatory behaviour towards Hinton employees.

Taking action to protect its employees, the town stated that any individual who they deem to have engaged in such behaviour will face consequences that may include a ban from town facilities.

The town will first issue a written warning through a letter from the town’s legal representation as behaviour is identified, stated administration to the Voice.

Any additional social media posts or escalating incidents will be dealt with through measures that may include a trespass notice, banning the individual from some or all municipal buildings.

This statement was prompted by an apparent continued pattern of abuse and harassment by members of the public on social media.

“The Town is deeply troubled by a number of offensive and racist posts directed at certain Town staff on public Facebook accounts,” the statement read.

The purpose behind this action is to protect town employees, and provide them a workplace that is safe and free from harassment.

Despite encouraging individuals to express their opinions and views on matters relating to the town, the statement explained that any individual who engages in a pattern of abusive behaviour towards municipal employees will face consequences.

“The Town of Hinton will not engage on any social media pages, groups or feeds with a history of such offensive or abusive publications,”  the statement continued. 

Questions or requests for information can be directed to the Hinton Listens section of the Town website or by contacting CAO Martin Taylor.