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Yellowhead candidate opening statements

Gerald Soroka
Conservative Party of Canada

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Gerald Soroka. I was raised and continue to live on the original homestead that my grandparents settled on in 1930 here in the Yellowhead riding. I’ve had the honour of being a four-term mayor of Yellowhead County.
As your Conservative candidate I’m running to champion the people of Yellowhead so they can get ahead and not just get by. The Conservative Party has a plan that will get pipelines built, get our agriculture and forestry products to market, while getting our economy back on track and still protecting the environment.
What are some of the things we are going to do? First, scrap the carbon tax, take GST off home heating bills, make parental benefits tax free, lowering personal taxes with a universal tax cut and additional family-targeted tax credits.
The Conservative Party will help our seniors live and thrive along with the tax cuts previously mentioned, we will introduce an increase to the senior’s age credit by a 1000 dollars. Our pledge to care for our veterans will be to enshrine in legislation a guarantee that every veteran is treated with respect and is provided services in a timely manner, and clearing the 24-month backlog for veteran benefit applications.
As a government we will help small business owners get ahead, by repealing Trudeau’s tax increases on small businesses and make it easier to navigate Canada’s tax system.
We will also cancel a minimum of 1.5 billion of corporate handouts to wealthy executives, shareholders, and foreign companies, and redirect savings to Canadians.
We are all concerned about the environment, about the kind of planet we leave for future generations. The conservatives have a plan built on three guiding principles, green technology incentives, not taxes, a cleaner and greener natural environment, and taking our environment expertise global. We need to restore fairness, order and compassion of our immigration system. Immigration has built Canada and done right, is good.
There are just a few of the areas we need to focus on tonight and the Conservative Party has a plan to address more issues and I look forward to discussing them further with you.

Douglas Galavan 
People’s Party of Canada

I’m Doug Galavan, I’m a businessman out of Drayton Valley. I’ve been there for 30 years with my wife Kristina. We raised four children and we have two grandchildren now.
One of the major things that brought me into the political realm is we started, my wife and I and a small group of other people, started Rally Canada. We were in this fight for our energy sector that was under a complete onslaught from the federal government and at the time also the NDP government here in Alberta. 
That fight has expanded, you’re now seeing concerted efforts from foreign groups, they’re now after our agriculture industries, as well as our forestry industries.
I guess one of the biggest advantages I have from being in business for thirty years, is learning how to do a risk assessment. And this is sadly lacking in our federal departments. Our government, they do not understand it. 
Let’s talk about the climate emergency, the so-called, made up thing that the federal government has come up with. This is the wrong question. Again, who’s done this risk assessment that says we’re in a climate emergency? The emergency that’s coming and nobody is even asking the question in this election is our financial crisis that we’re on the verge of having not just in this country, but worldwide as we have debts spiraling out of control. 
The one thing you won’t hear from the PPC is all the promises we’re going to make on spending. We’re broke. 
We are a conservative party, a good example of how we differentiate ourselves, is the Paris Accord. The Conservative government whipped that vote and they too are going down this same path. We will not. We don’t believe the story that CO2 is driving the climate, the science is nowhere near settled. And we’re going to give up our entire way of life for this? I don’t’ think so.
The other major problem we’re facing in this country is freedom of expression. It’s again under complete assault in the last four years. What is the risk, that you let a racist speak? No, the risk is not letting a racist speak. That’s the risk. You do not quiet people when they want to speak.
We’ll get into more. 
Thank you.

Editor’s Note: Two Yellowhead riding candidates – Douglas Galavan of the People’s Party of Canada and Gerald Soroka of the Conservative Party of Canada – participated in the candidates forum hosted by the Hinton and District Chamber of Commerce on Sept. 30 at the Hinton Legion. The Hinton Voice will be publishing their responses to various questions posed at the forum, as well as their opening speeches.