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Yellowhead Votes 2019

Editor’s Note: Two Yellowhead riding candidates – Douglas Galavan of the People’s Party of Canada and Gerald Soroka of the Conservative Party of Canada – participated in the candidates forum hosted by the Hinton and District Chamber of Commerce on Sept. 30 at the Hinton Legion. The Hinton Voice will be publishing their responses to various questions posed at the forum, including their 30-second responses below to campaign buzzwords/phrases. The Voice will dedicate space each week up to the Oct. 21 election for the forum responses.

Balanced Budgets

Galavan – The PPC government will balance the budget in two years. We will do this by cutting foreign expenditures, we will cut all, not just some, but all corporate welfare. 

Soroka – That is our game plan as well. I thought it was quite interesting today when Justin Trudeau announced about his tax benefits, and about how he’s going to spend another twenty some billion dollars in deficits and saying ‘I can’t believe the Conservatives are just concerned about the budget.’ Well I don’t understand the people of Canada, you have to pay this money back. We’re already at a $705 billion in deficits already, we need to look at balancing the budget and returning the budget back to a stable force…

Climate Change

Galavan – Climate change, especially this climate emergency, it’s made up, it’s here to install a world governance. We will not stand for it, this is a globalist versus a nationalist battle, and we will win.

Soroka – I actually don’t like the term climate change, I actually prefer dealing with the environment. And that’s what the way the Conservative government is going to deal with this. Making sure we minimize the pollution that we have, as well as maximize our efficiencies. That’s where I think we need to go, be more concerned with the environment.

US-Canada Free Trade

Soroka – Well, I think the relationship is stressed right now. We need to build confidence and we need to build back good relationships with the Americans. I know Trump is a challenge to work with but definitely we will be able to do this as a conservative party.

Galavan – How are we going to negotiate with a American government that believes in an open and free markets when we are willing to support the milk cartels in Quebec and Ontario and are anything but free market. Can’t do it.

Gun Control

Galavan – We have a very strong gun policy there and gun ownership is property ownership. The only reason you do restrictions is for the function of a weapon, we want to make sure that whatever weapon you have, it’s your intent that’s carried out. I can’t fix what’s in your heart.

Soroka – We are not going to penalize the legal gun owners out there, we want to focus in on the crime of gang-related crime, they’re the ones that are bringing in guns illegally. They’re the ones that are using illegal guns, that’s where we need to clamp down on. The illegal users not the onus citizen.

Affordable Housing

Soroka – That is something we definitely need to look at. You know, in Hinton here between the seniors housing and low income housing, we need to address this issue as soon as possible. 
We are years behind, and we need to pick up the pace and get better funding to these organizations.

Galavan – It’s not a place for governments. If you let free markets do what free markets do, it’ll fix itself. It’s when governments meddle, it’s constantly meddling. We have got to get them out of our lives.

Elections Canada confirmed seven candidates for the Yellowhead region before the deadline for candidates to register on Tuesday, Oct 1.
Candidates include Kristine Bowman of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Douglas Galavan of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), Jeremy Hoefsloot of the Liberal Party of Canada (Lib), Cory Lystang of the Libertarian Party of Canada (Libert), Angelena Satdeo of the Green Party of Canada (Grn), Gerald Soroka of the Conservative Party of Canada (Con), and most recently announced Gordon Francey of the Veterans Coalition Party of Canada (VCP).
Each candidate was invited to the Hinton All Candidates Forum on Sept. 30, but only the candidates from the Conservative and People’s Party made themselves available.

Around 28,000,000 Voter Information Cards have already been sent out in the mail.
For the advance polls and on election day, voters must vote at the polling station that is assigned to them based on their address.
Contact Elections Canada at or 1-800-463-6868 to register to vote, or register when you vote.
Election day is Oct. 21, and advanced polling stations are open on Oct. 11, 12, 13 and 14.
– Filed by Masha Scheele