Assault and unlawful confinement case postponed

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Members of the Hinton RCMP shut down Hampshire Road for hours during an October 2017 incident that resulted in two men appearing in Hinton Provincial earlier this month on aggravated assault and unlawful confinement charges. The case has since been postponed with no new date set.

Masha Scheele

The court case of Collin Glaser and Jesse Lablanc came to an abrupt halt on Nov. 6, three days into the trial, when the defence lawyers discovered a piece of evidence in their possession and new representation was requested. 

The case came back to court on Nov. 18 when the two accused stated that they were still in the process of finding new representation and no continuation of the trial was set.

Glaser and Lablanc were allegedly involved in the unlawful confinement of a man along Hampshire Road in Hinton two years ago. Each of the accused are facing charges including unlawful confinement, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, pointing a firearm at a person, and threatening to cause death or bodily harm.

Along with those charges, Glaser is also facing charges for breaching bail and being found in possession of weapons.

Both Glaser and Lablanc plead not guilty to every charge against them. Although both accused have been out on bail for a period of time since the incident happened, they are currently both in custody.

The victim, Gregory Powell, took the stand on Nov. 5 before the case was postponed and spoke about the events that unfolded on Oct. 5, 2017.

He stated that he knew the two accused because they were all involved in dealing drugs in the Hinton and Edson area. Powell explained that he drove out to Hinton in the evening of Oct. 4 to exchange money and drugs, shortly before the situation escalated.

According to his testimony, things got heated after they consumed drugs and a phone call from an ex-girlfriend lead to Lablanc hitting and severely injuring Powell with a self-made weapon.

Powell added that both Glaser and Lablanc were wielding guns and tortured him in various ways throughout the night, while accusing him of stealing contacts and product from them.

Powell stated that he plead for his life as he sat bound by the wrists and ankles with zip straps, chains, and insulator foam in the shop which Glaser rented. Powell went on to say the two accused became paranoid about being discovered as the sun began to rise on Oct. 5, 2017, and they decided to transport Powell to another area using a Ford Explorer.

Powell says he managed to break out of the rear window hatch as Lablanc drove out towards Switzer Drive. Powell then stumbled over to Helmig Safety, severely beaten and bloodied and with his hands and arms still restrained.

Once inside the building, Helmig’s staff called 911 and help soon arrived, as did RCMP officers, who shut down and blockaded the Hampshire Road area. 

Defence lawyers didn’t get a chance to cross-examine Powell due to the abrupt stop of the trial.

Glaser was arrested within 24 hours of the incident, and Lablanc wasn’t arrested until Oct. 16 when, according to testimony Nov. 4 by Cpl. Brent Lawson, Lablanc and the Ford Explorer were found east of Hinton. Blood spots were found in the Ford Explorer, according to the Crown, as well as shoe marks on the back window of the vehicle.

There has been no new date set for this case to appear before the court.