Boardwalk visitor count not viable

Masha Scheele

The Town of Hinton will not be conducting a Beaver Boardwalk traffic count at this time due to a few sections being closed off, which would distort data collected. 

In the spring, Council requested a report on the viability of a traffic count on the main sections of the Beaver Boardwalk to be carried out during the summer 2019.

Currently, it is not possible to collect visitor or usage data that gives an accurate comparison of all the existing Beaver Boardwalk sections, according to the report brought to the standing committee meeting on Nov. 12.

The open sections have a potential higher use than other areas, while the closed sections have none. 

Drawing conclusions and drafting recommendations that should be based on the comparable use is therefore not possible, read the report.

“[The Beaver Boardwalk Committee] has talked about some other options that could be available for public feedback about which sections are most usable and most important for them,” said Coun. Albert Ostashek.

“There are some potential options on the table even with this traffic count not being available for information.”

Throughout the spring and summer, sections of the Beaver Boardwalk were closed to the public based on assessment and public safety until sufficient maintenance and rehabilitation was possible.

Proper approval from Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) and a wetland application is needed before maintenance and rehabilitation can be done on the project to reopen sections. No visitor data was collected during the 2019 summer.