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CGP funds three local non profits

Masha Scheele

Council approved funding through the Community Grant Program (CGP) to three out of five applicants in its second intake of 2019. While the five CGP applications added up to a total request of $39,000, the total funding available for this second intake was $29,727.

Only $26,000 was awarded to the three local non-profit organizations during the regular council meeting on Nov. 19, with $3,727 remaining.

Each year, the CGP provides local groups with funding to maintain, improve, or initiate community projects, operations, and events. 

Recommendations on who was to receive grant funding were made by the Hinton Grant Funding Advisory Committee (HGFAC). 

The only one-time project applicant, the Hinton Mountain Bike Association, received its request of $10,000 for developing the ridge of the Big Horn Ridge Trail Project.

Tumbling Mountain Gymnastics received the $10,000 requested for rent and insurance costs, and the Hinton Adult Learning Society’s Grief Recovery Program Program received its requested $6,000 for operating costs.

The Hinton Filipino Sports Association Basketball League did not receive its $3,000 request for their 2020 Basketball Tournament, due to the application package lacking information.

“FCSS does provide feedback for these groups to complete their applications, not all the groups take advantage of that. Some of the groups don’t have a lot of experience writing grants,” said Jessica Hearsey committee member. 

Committee member Kathy Rees, explained that they made multiple suggestions to the group to get help from FCSS on their application.

“However having said that, there really wasn’t an awful lot of time on this one, it was only advertised for about a week, or ten days. And then it was the deadline for submission,” added Rees suggesting a longer advertising time before deadline would be beneficial.

A late application by the Hinton Friendship Centre (HFC) was not considered.

“In previous intakes if something came in late we decided not to include it in our consideration,” said Hearsey.

Coun. Ryan Maguhn suggested giving the remaining $3,727 allocated to the grant fund to the Friendship Centre. 

It would fall short of the $10,000 requested by the HFC but Maguhn added that he would like to take into consideration past requests that also went unsupported.

The decision of giving the remaining amount to HFC was tabled pending a delegation to council by the group to give clarification. 

HFC requested the grant for operating costs of the Sharing Project Program, and Coun. Dewly Nelson commented that he would like to know the impact of the minimal remaining funds to this program. 

Coun. Albert Ostashek raised concerns about council making the funding decision, as it’s traditionally gone through the committee.

The discussion around the funding for the HFC for the Sharing Project will come back to council by Feb. 4, 2020.