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Quilt auction benefitting health care

Masha Scheele

Thirty four quilts made by the Rocky Mountain Quilters Guild are being auctioned off online in support of local health care services.

All the money raised by the quilts are split between the Cancer Clinic, Palliative Care, the Dialysis Clinic, and the General Hospital.

Members of the Rocky Mountain Quilters Guild alongside other quilters in the community have put in a lot of work to create each quilt.

Many of the quilts are made in memory of someone affected by cancer.

“There’s eight or ten of us that have been touched by cancer personally, and there’s the classic number of two or three people who have been affected. We’ve all had siblings or kids that have been affected, it’s kind of near and dear to our hearts,” said Denise Boutin, member of the Rocky Mountain Quilters Guild.

Many of the quilts represent a specific cancer ribbon colour that’s personal to the quilter.

“The colours resemble cancers, some are predominantly red, or blue or pink. You won’t find a lot of multicoloured quilts because they were made for a specific cancer colour ribbon,” said Boutin.

Boutin explained that one specifically was created in memory of a local residents’ father with prostate cancer, Walter Baker, whose relatives worked together to create a blue and grey quilt. 

The group decided to start the fundraiser around three years ago after taking part in the pink ribbon project, where pink quilts were created to raise money.

“We thought, oh let’s just do all different colour of quilts for all different colours of cancer,” she said.

Each quilter chose their colour at the beginning of the year and it normally takes nearly a year to finish, added Boutin.

“Quilters are usually trying to find places to send their quilts to make a difference, that’s just what quilters do. Usually you can never get the money that you’ve spent on them. When you’ve created them, the value is higher than that so usually you find a way to let your hard work go make a difference somewhere,” said Boutin.

The group also creates quilts for Santa’s Anonymous every year, as well as shelters and other local charities.

“We’re kind of a giving group all the time, that’s kind of what quilting people are like. We just decided that the hospital needs money,” said Boutin.

Reach out to Boutin at (780) 865-0296 or the Rocky Mountain Quilters Guild Facebook page to learn how to quilt or help out with the charity.

Bids on quilts can be placed on their Facebook page by commenting with the donation amount below the quilt’s photo. Bidding ends Nov. 30 at 6pm, and the highest bidders at that time will be notified on Dec. 1.