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Restored Hinton cenotaph lit up on Nov. 7

2018 file photo

Masha Scheele

The Hinton Legion made some upgrades to its cenotaph and plan to illuminate the monument again after roughly 30 years without functioning lights.

Roadwork cut the connection from the cenotaph to the building but this year they planned to restore power. Besides bringing back the lights, the cenotaph has also been restored with new glass and paint.

“It was looking a little bit tired because of course it’s get sandblasted by the wind and everything else. The legion thought this would be the year to refresh it,” said Eileen Musselman from the Hinton Legion. 

The Legion celebrates 70 years of operating in the Hinton community this year and they felt this would be a good time to complete the project.

“We had to take it down and make it look good again. [The project] would have depended on money raised, but we were fortunate,” said Musselman.

Local businesses helped in different ways on the project and returned the cenotaph to a better state.

“We asked a few businesses if they could help with that, and (West Fraser) said we will lead the operation and get everything done. A lot of other people helped as well,” said Musselman.

Musselman added that the cenotaph was taken back to the bare wood and repainted with aircraft paint. The new glass product replacing the old scratched plexiglass is meant to handle winter conditions better to avoid scratches and discolouration.

Local Hintonite, Karen Aldred added that those who were involved in spearheading the installation of the cenotaph are almost all gone and it hadn’t been fixed up since the lights first went out. She remembers when the stonework was being done around the monument in the early 1960s and going to the cenotaph each Remembrance Day throughout the years. She was happy the cenotaph was being restored.

“The cenotaph is looking very lovely, it may be up tonight or tomorrow,” said Musselman on Nov. 4.

After taking the cenotaph down about three months ago for the work, they planned to replace the monument this week just in time for Remembrance Day. The first test trial for the lights will be held on Thursday, Nov. 7 and the public is welcome to come watch at 7 pm.

The lights will be on a timer or operated manually for special occasions to avoid disturbing the whole street with constant light.

On Remembrance Day, wreaths will be brought to the cenotaph after the community ceremony at the Hinton Centre. The ceremony begins promptly at 10:45 am on Nov. 11, followed by lunch for everyone at the Legion.