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Wild Mountain getting started early

Masha Scheele

The Wild Mountain Music Festival board is already in full swing to prepare for next year’s festival.

Bands are putting their pens to contracts, and volunteers are happily anticipating their return to the scenic Entrance Ranch on July 17, 18, and 19 of 2020.

The atmosphere at the AGM held in October was extremely positive, with some long-time returning volunteers but also a few new faces.

Layne Seabrook,  president of the festival, said they held the AGM earlier this year to work closely with the board, get coordinators in their positions, and better prepare for what lies ahead.

Last year, the festival team had a bit of a rocky start due to a lot of people left wondering if there was actually going to be another Wild Mountain Music Festival in 2019.

The previous board felt frustrated last year as the festival continued losing money over the past five years. 

When Seabrook’s team took over they put in a lot of hard work to pull off the big event in order to finish extremely strong with what they consider their most successful financial and organizational year to date.

“The biggest lesson was getting everything done early and panic less, with more possibility of searching out better options and getting the word out a lot sooner,” said Seabrook.

The festival last year had 77 corporate sponsors, and Seabrook added that they’ve already collected a lot of money this year from corporate sponsorships even though the lineup hasn’t been released yet.

“Having the AGM this early we can get our financials done earlier so it’s off of everyone’s plates and now we are very, very close to booking our main headliner,” he said.

“Our game plan is that we get a recognizable headliner and fill in with lots of other amazing bands,” said Seabrook.

When Seabrook’s crew first took over, they looked at why the festival was failing and found that big headliners did not increase their ticket sales for the amount they invested in the artists. 

Securing headliners early this year is only possible due to the successful festival in 2019 when they were able to put more money in the bank than they had in the past.

The festival site will be kept tight in 2020, meaning lots of rubbing elbows, he added. A strong marketing team will also be doing some exciting things, like a community artwork competition.

“The more we engage the community the better,” said Seabrook.

Seabrook was also excited to share that they will be offering a Christmas special this year, which was supposed to be for their platinum sponsors only, but now they’ve extended the early ticket sale to everyone.

“We intend to be selling tickets for Wild Mountain 2020 by the start of December,” said Seabrook.

Tickets will be as affordable as possible and he added that the majority of people attend the festival for its atmosphere regardless of performers and headliners. To learn more, head to