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Funds for 2020 golfing society season approved

Masha Scheele

Operating funds for the Hinton Golfing Society to head into the 2020 season of $86,501.57 were approved by council under ongoing conditions, oversight and support by the Town of Hinton.

Council approved the transfer of assets from the Hinton Golf Club to the Town of Hinton on Oct. 29, as well as a conditional advancement of up to $250,000 to the Hinton Golfing Society.

“The remaining funds from the $250,000 that was approved in October is just over $86,000. Immediate oversight will be provided through a letter to the society to outline the approved uses for the funds that include things like payroll, fuel, power, maintenance, incidentals, and supplies,” stated Emily Olson, interim CAO at the regular council meeting on Dec. 17.

The Society provided an overview of regular expenditures for the first three months of the year, including payroll, benefits, fuel, power, equipment repair/maintenance, incidentals and possible hiring costs.

New purchases, sales and revenue generation will be reviewed by the acting CAO or corporate services director for approval. 

The town will provide approval for decisions around hiring of a manager and staff, rental of facilities, sale of any assets, and any expenditures of incidentals to maintain the golf course into the first three months of the 2020 season.

The report from Dec. 17 also stated that amounts incurred by the Hinton Golf Society from the approved $250,000 have been captured in the Town’s accounts receivable for potential repayment if the Golf Course sees a profit in 2020. 

“I’d like to say that the golf society through Mr. Howard Nowicki has been very cooperative over the last two months with continued communications with the town and due to this good working relationship we can work together on additional support and oversight with an ad hoc group comprised of admin, Coun. Maguhn as a position on the golfing society board and Mr. Nowicki,” added Olson.

Administration is still working on an arrangement for the transfer of assets between the Town and the Hinton Golfing Society. 

The report on Dec. 17 stated that an anticipated additional $50,000 – $60,000 will be required to cover what has been anticipated to be required until the end of December, leaving unspent funds from what was approved on Oct. 29.

“This is procedurally part of the process to ensure we have some longevity, stability, and sustainability with the golf course,” said Coun. Ryan Maguhn.

Members of Hinton’s golfing society initially made administration aware of its poor financial projections in June of this year, which was followed by a letter to council in October indicating that the society was no longer able to manage its financial commitments.