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Hinton to hire municipal intern

Masha Scheele

After receiving approval from council on Dec. 17, the Town of Hinton can launch its intake process for the Municipal Internship Program in 2020.

“Through this program the town will receive a grant of just over $43,000 from Municipal Affairs and we will be required to provide an additional $27,500 total over two fiscal years, as the program runs from June 2020 to June 2021,” said Emily Olsen, acting CAO at the regular council meeting on Dec. 17.

The total amount budgeted in 2020 will be $13,750 and the same is budgeted for 2021.

Funding includes wages, benefits and the supplies and materials required for the intern to perform their job functions. 

The program is a partnership between municipalities and Alberta Municipal Affairs to help bring recent post-secondary graduates into the municipal field across Alberta in administration, finance, accounting, or land use planning. 

Hinton applied to participate in October 2019 and was accepted as one of the fourteen successful host municipalities on Dec. 10.

Without the intern program and its additional capacity, deliverables related to the organizational review implementation plan, implementation of the digital access training system (DATS), and asset management would be delayed.

“This is a great opportunity to bring in a fresh, young person. Get them into the organization and working with a variety of different departments. It gives us extra manpower to get some of these projects fulfilled and a potentially have another possible employee in the future as well,” said Coun. Trevor Haas.

Next steps include finalizing the Town of Hinton’s Host Municipality Profile and associated Intern Job Description, Intern Workplan approval by the grantor and finally, Intern selection, according to the report brought to the Dec. 17 council meeting.

“We anticipate beginning work on the work plan and the job description right away for a job posting in January, so time is of the essence,” said Olsen at the Dec. 10 standing committee meeting.

Coun. Ryan Maguhn stated at that meeting that he wasn’t surprised this topic came up as it was previously brought up during budget discussions in November.

While the program only runs for one year, there is the possibility for a one-year extension of the intern position beyond 2021, however additional funding contributions from Municipal Affairs is not guaranteed.

According to the report, the intern reports to the director of corporate services and assists in maintaining level of service throughout the organization by redistribution of cumbersome workloads.