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Silver medals in Hinton boxing debuts

Hinton boxers Caleb Dircks and Jace MacPhee spar at the Hinton Boxing Club.

Masha Scheele

Hinton boxers Caleb Dircks and Jace MacPhee brought home two silver medals from a Sub-Novice Tournament in Cochrane this November.

Coach Chris Murphy stated they represented Hinton proudly in what was the first sanctioned event for competitors from the Hinton Boxing Club.

“It was lots of fun and I learned a ton. It was the first tournament. We both won one fight and lost in the finals, we came home with silver,” stated MacPhee, who boxed in one weight class below Dircks.

MacPhee’s first match was against Damian Lexington from the Rival boxing club in Cochrane. Lexington came out super fast against him for the first minute and gave some hard shots.

“It was pretty much smooth sailing for me after that, he was pretty tired for the rest of the fight,” said MacPhee.

Each boxing match has three two-minute rounds, which are scored by three judges on a 10-point scale. Judges scored in MacPhee’s favour unanimously and he advanced to the finals the following day.

“Jace used his boxing skills and no quit attitude to win a unanimous decision over the hometown boxer,” stated Murphy.

Dircks also had a great first match against Levi Stafford of the Shadowbox Boxing Club in Lacombe. 

Dircks admitted he had a lot of nerves leading up to the fight, but was only in the ring for eight seconds when he won by way of a technical knockout, advancing him to the finals.

In the finals on the following day, MacPhee was up against an opponent from the Calgary Boxing Club, Alejandro Flores.

“Jace showed grit through the entire match coming up a bit short and losing a decision,” said Murphy.

Dircks matched up against Laurence Trayhorn from the Goldenstars Boxing Club in Calgary for his final match. 

The decision could have gone either way after a really close fight, stated Murphy.

Dircks fought through all three rounds and lost a split decision to Trayhorn, meaning two judges voted in Trayhorn’s favour. All the boxers at the tournament were brand new to competitions, creating a perfect venue to be introduced to competitive boxing. 

During a Sub-Novice Tournament, each boxer has up to two fights with a maximum of one fight per day as per the rules for amateur boxing.   

MacPhee explained that the two boxers hope to go to another tournament in January, but that it isn’t confirmed yet, but both plan to head to provincials at the end of January.