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Teck town hall to discuss closure

Masha Scheele

Teck is hosting a town hall on Dec. 5 to share more about the closure of Cardinal River Operations (CRO). 

Those attending will find out what can be expected over the next year as the operation transitions into closure.

Reductions in the workforce are set for January 2020, but Teck previously announced that affected employees would be supported and possible opportunities within the organization would be identified.

Mayor Marcel Michaels stated that he’s concerned about replacing the good paying jobs that will be lost by the mine closure.

“I think going back to hiring an economic development officer now this time is even more important than ever to make sure we continue to diversify our community,” he said.

He added that coal seems to be something that’s slowly being phased out but it hits a community hard when they lose 200 or 300 jobs close to home.

“It’s really about finding a way to be resilient, at the end of the day it was nice that another coal mine next door opened up next to Hinton and we benefited from that, now we’re kind of offsetting where we were two or three years ago,” he continued.

Michaels said the Town’s ongoing goal is to grow the community and encourage ways to attract different industry-related companies.

Teck announced in June of this year that active mining at CRO, which celebrated its 50th anniversary of operations this year, are expected to cease in the second half of 2020. 

A timeline for ending operations will be discussed more in depth at the open house.

They will also inform the public of their approach to the mine closure, what this means for employees and for the community, as well as the reclamation and regulatory process.

Presentations will be made by the operations general manager, HR superintendent, and the manager of Closure Project. 

An informal discussion period is set to follow the presentations, allowing time for all attendees to ask questions and engage in discussion.

The town hall is open to the public at Best Western Plus, 340 Smith Street starting at 6:30 pm.