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Remuneration policy up for review in March

Masha Scheele
Local Journalism Initiative

Council proposed a list of amendments for the upcoming council remuneration policy review at the end of March 2020.

During the regular council meeting on Feb. 18, Coun. Dewly Nelson explained that there have been some challenges with the policy over the past two years, especially when it came to clarity.

The amendments Nelson suggested include administration completing all Council timesheets, clarity regarding the definition of meetings, any concurrent meetings be deemed a single meeting in relation to meeting fees, any remuneration through Council approved committee meetings require a basic report that includes meeting start and end times including travel and a summary discussions and decisions, committee reports become part of Council Committee meeting agendas on a monthly basis, and items that constitute ‘conference participation’ are tracked and reported separately from regular remuneration.

Coun. JoAnn Race questioned if administration completing the timesheets would add an extra workload, which CAO Emily Olsen stated isn’t certain yet.

The potential impact of the amendments will be brought back in a report for council consideration along with the review, she said.

Nelson added that administration filling out the reports adds consistency and any workload would be mitigated by avoiding having to ask for clarifications on the differences of each councillors report.

Committee meeting reports would be added to council agendas making it easier to refer back to, said Nelson.

“It adds a level of transparency and allows council an opportunity to read the reports of other council members prior to the meeting and they can ask clarifying questions at the meeting,” he said.

He added that it’s otherwise difficult to ask any follow up questions when reports are done verbally.

The recommendations will come back to council in a report to be reviewed and can be accepted at the end of March, said Olsen at the meeting.