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HFSC closes season with ‘Ice Moves’

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Masha Scheele

Duets, quads, trio, solos, and a group number will all be part of Hinton’s Figure Skating Club year-end figure skating showcase on March 7.

Around 15 figure skaters in the senior level program will be showcased, including a couple of numbers with the junior skaters.

Carla Nichol, president of the club, said each year they try to find a theme for the showcase like Disney movies, but this year they kept it simple and didn’t restrict the performances to any theme. Overall, Nichol was pleased with how the season went this year.

The senior skaters attended the 2020 Peace STARSkate Invitational competition in Grande Prairie this January and took home numerous medals, Nichol said.

“It’s great because it’s an individual sport, going to things like this it really gives them that team feel. It’s really important for the girls to have that, and that camaraderie as well,” said Nichol.

Emily Anderson came away with a gold medal, which was an exciting feat for both her and her coaches.

“She’s shown huge improvement this year,” Nichol commented.

For some of the skaters, the competition was quite nerve-racking but they are looking forward to the competition next year already. This year, only senior skaters competed due to coaching time restraints and the cost of competing.

“The thing with figure skating is that you spend hours and hours on ice and then you go to something like this and you spend about a minute and a half on the ice at the competition,” Nichol said.

It has been tough in the past to find certified coaches but the Hinton club has been fortunate with three coaches who were all participants in the club at one point. Melanie Kos went from being a senior skater in the program to a certified coach of the program.

Another coach, Lamara Marklund, also skated with the club for years before coaching different levels and programs. The third coach, Rebecca Hunt, takes care of the pre-CanSkate program as well as the CanSkate program, and coaches the juniors.

“We really try to promote bumping our CanSkate [skaters], as many as are interested, into our junior and senior programs,” said Nichol.

The 2020 year-end showcase, Ice Moves, is free for everyone in the Bill Thomson Arena.