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One-Act tripleheader for Play-A-Palooza

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Masha Scheele

Three one-act plays are up to win the audiences heart at this year’s Play-A-Palooza. 

After skipping the evening of one act plays last season, Break-A-Leg (BAL) Theatre is bringing back the competition.

Play-a-palooza is done primarily in conjunction with the Alberta Drama Festival Association (ADFA) One-Act Play Festival held in the spring.

The favourite play voted on by the audience will be considered for the regional competition. 

Don Engerdahl, BAL’s artistic director, is directing two of the adult one-act plays, and acting in both of them.

The Death of Me written by Norm Foster has a cast of four including Daniel Gagne, Ian Rosseel, Engerdahl, and Anna Cerovski, it follows John who bargains with the Angel of Death for a second chance at life.

Engerdahl’s second play is called Inflatable You with a cast of two including Gagne and Engerdahl.

The third play is called Awkward Silence and is directed by Chandra Moir, who acted in Waiting for the Parade earlier in the BAL season.

Awkward Silence has a cast of two including Risa Croken and Ian Rosseel. 

During the most recent Play-A-Palooza, a play called Crashing the Gate won and took home best acting and best director at the Regional Festival.

“We always kick butt at regionals, we’re a contender,” Engerdahl said.

This year’s regional festival is held in Devon on April 25.

“We usually fair well at regionals. It’s always fun for us to do the one act plays because a lot of times it gets new blood into our organization. One act plays are a lot easier to memorize because they’re shorter in length and it gives those people that want a taste of live performance what it actually takes to be involved in theatre production. It’s an opportunity to get their feet wet,” said Engerdahl.

This year, BAL has also invited a couple of high school monologues to be part of Play-A-Palooza in an effort to showcase some local youth on stage.

“It gives the youth an opportunity to showcase what they’ve been working on as well,” said Engerdahl.

The two monologues presented are from the Harry Collinge High School drama program, which could be part of their own regional youth competition.

“We’re always looking for outreach for those youth that may want to eventually get involved with the adult drama group,” Engerdahl added.

Play-A-Palooza was held on March 6 and 7 at the Performing Arts Theatre of Hinton (PATH).