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Sweet Surrender

Former Hinton resident publishes her first book ‘Healed By Cancer’

Photo submitted by Jayka Duncan
Duncan during her 15 months of travelling, shown here in Malaysia.

Masha Scheele

March 8 is a date that holds a lot of prominence for Jayka Duncan.

It is International Women’s Day, for starters, it marks her immigration anniversary, and most lately it was the release of Duncan’s first book, Healed By Cancer.

The book is not only about Duncan’s journey with cancer but about practicing the surrender method she believes healed her and changed her life.

Duncan continues to practice this method of meditation and now also teaches others how to do the same.

The inner peace she gained from this helps her in every aspect of her life, even during the current global pandemic, she said.

Duncan is at peace and doesn’t feel fear of the unknown that comes with COVID-19.

Although she’s washing her hands and practicing social distancing, she’s not stressed or worried.

“We didn’t buy a thousand toilet paper rolls or anything like that and this whole journey I’m on wasn’t about cancer. It was really about letting go of all the emotional baggage I had held onto since childhood,” she explained.

Duncan spoke to The Voice from Vancouver Island where she’s currently house sitting, as her and husband Ian sold their property in Hinton to travel the world.

Mid conversation, her husband walked into the house carrying a box of her books they had ordered.

The book follows Duncan’s journey from the time she lived in Hinton in 2007 and was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The diagnosis led her down a path of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Less than 10 years later, her cancer returned in 2016 and she decided to take a different path of healing.

Duncan tried everything to heal her body holistically, but nothing worked.

When she found out the cancer had metastasized to her uterus and cervix, she was at a loss on how to continue her battle.

Duncan had long practiced meditation, a place where she would eventually find healing, and the first place she believes she started to surrender.

“In meditation, I was like, ‘show me, I don’t know what to do anymore.’ Essentially that was the beginning of my healing journey in October 2018, when I finally got out of my own way,” she said.

Up until that point she had tried everything under the sun, but she realized it all came with a desperate energy, she explained.

“Desperation is a pretty low vibration and it’s not a healing vibration. When I finally got out of my own way I realized I needed to focus on my state of being and my vibration and I realized there was so much anger and fear and frustration and desperation I was hanging on to, I started to surrender,” she explained.

Through meditation she allowed herself to feel the emotions that she believes had festered in her body and created cancer. For weeks she allowed herself to be with the anger she had about having cancer twice before the age of 50.

“Why did I have cancer twice before the age of 50 when I was living in such a health conscious way? I wasn’t overweight, I wasn’t a smoker. I was an exerciser and I ate really healthy. I was doing everything “right” but I still ended up with cancer twice,” she said.

After feeling the anger, she felt the fear of dying, and continued through other emotions to allow them to leave her body.

Through this process she felt a weight being lifted off her shoulders and she could finally relax. She spent time visualizing herself being vibrantly healthy and feeling emotions as if she was already healthy.

“Feeling the gratitude, feeling the freedom, feeling the love for life, the zest for life and I did this day in, day out, about three hours per day in meditation,” she said.

All this happened while Duncan and her husband were travelling the world, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

They had sold their house in Hinton, determined to not let cancer stop them from living their lives.

Four months after she began surrendering, she got some tests done in Thailand, and the results came back showing that there was no active cancer in her body.

“We travelled for 15 months, it was a beautiful spiritual journey for me that was the best of times and the worst of times as well because the surrender practice I did was not easy,” she said.

Within four months she went from stage four cancer to being healthy, and she believed this all happened through the power of meditation and surrendering.

“Not only did I heal my body of cancer I also started to feel such incredible tenderness and love for myself and I had an inner peace. That’s such a beautiful place to be,” she said.

The book talks about her immigration to Canada as a teenager, the effects of being raised by a narcissistic father, and other issues that she feels added to the state of her health.

She believes all disease starts at an emotional level, which creates dis-ease in the body.

“This book is really about me figuring out what made me tick and getting to the root cause of the cancer and letting that go. And lo and behold I end up with a vibrantly healthy body and an inner peace that was literally the side effect of the surrendering,” Duncan said.

She remembered the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation as horrific, which is completely opposite of how she feels now.

Since regaining her health, she took part in multiple motivational speaking opportunities.

Together with the Yellowhead Emergency Shelter for Women she planned to present at The Old Grind on April 17, which has now been postponed.

She continues her podcasts and blogging online with a mission to help teach people to surrender.

“There’s so many unknowns, so many people are stressing out in the world because of the unknowns and I’m feeling so peaceful and grateful because I figured out this key to freedom that this peace gives me,” she said.

“Because of that I’m pretty grateful for the cancer, if it hadn’t been for cancer I would not have created this practice, this surrender practice.”