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Construction begins on new Pine Valley Lodge build

Evergreens Foundation Photo
Construction has begun on the new Pine Valley Lodge build adjacent to the current facility in the valley. The project is estimated to take 18 – 24 months to finish.

Masha Scheele
Local Journalism Initiative

The view from the Pine Valley Lodge has changed a little bit over the past couple of weeks as residents now watch construction of the new Pine Valley Lodge from their windows.

Kristen Chambers, chief administrative officer of the Evergreens Foundation, shared that construction is underway and going well.

“We are still on schedule and plans have not changed due to Covid,” Chambers said.

There is currently a lot of action around the resident suites, which for the most part has been really exciting for both staff and residents. 

“It’s much better to watch than anything on TV! We are happy to see things moving forward and to be able to focus on a positive future ahead of us,” Chambers added.

The first phase includes the construction of 80 one-bedroom studio suites and 20 independent-living suites that are built around the back of the existing facility.

Chambers explained earlier that construction workers don’t need access to the inside of the current building at this time, eliminating concerns of Covid-19 transmission from the crew.

Scott Builders is following all protocols due to Covid-19 and will limit crew size on site.

The Evergreens Foundation has been following strict guidelines set out by the province and all those coming into any of their sites are being screened.

In a letter to the residents, Chambers said that while there have been several tests performed on residents and staff who had symptoms, there are currently no cases of Covid-19 at any of the Foundation’s facilities in the region.

“Our staff are doing an amazing job caring for our seniors. I couldn’t be more proud of the team we have,” Chambers said.

The projected will cost $32 million and is projected to spread out over 18-24 months of construction.