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New Brule Community Hall to open this fall

Yellowhead County Photo
Construction continues on the new Brule Community Hall that is scheduled to open this fall.

Masha Scheele
Local Journalism Initiative

A new community hall is scheduled to open its doors in Brule this coming fall, as construction is currently under way.

The existing Brule community hall is at its end of life and needed a lot of renovations to remain functional. That hall was also home to the old Brule school and was not built for community hall duties. This limited the events that could be held, explained Christopher Read, Yellowhead County director of community services.

“It is not that the old hall was unusable, it’s just the new one will be bigger and designed with events in mind,” Read said.

The community hosted events like weddings, rodeo dances, concerts, and various other community events in that old schoolhouse for the past 50 years, but they were restricted in size. Sight lines and acoustics were also not ideal.

The new hall will be fit for purpose, designed for the needs of the community and region and built to last 50 years or more, Read said. The new building will hold 250 people for events like dances and concerts, and capacity for 200 seated for events like weddings. 

The stage is appropriate for all manner of live shows, such as YRAF concerts or theatre events.

Construction of the building started in late summer 2019, and is completely funded by Yellowhead County reserve funds at a $5.5M price tag.

The old hall would have taken over $1M in repairs just to keep it standing and bring it to code, which was a big reason why a new hall was preferable, Read explained. The COVID-19 pandemic created some slight delays for crew spacing and scheduling, but caused no major negative impacts.

“Milbrandt, (general contractor) has been very good in dealing with this new challenge,” Read said.

Lavone Olson, Yellowhead County Councillor of Division 8 – Hinton, Cadomin/Robb Areas, added “There are local contractors on site which is good for our area, keeping people working. The residents of Brule are very excited to see the finished project and to be able to use the new hall.”