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Work begins on St. Greg roof repairs

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Crews worked this week to remove a layer of topsoil covering the roof on the back side of St. Gregory’s School in preparation to seal what school officials say is a leak in the roof over the gymnasium.

Masha Scheele
Local Journalism Initiative

Crews worked this week to remove the top soil from an area on top of St. Gregory Community Catholic School to facilitate repairs to the roof.

A crack in the gym roof caused some leaking, and with the freezing temperatures in the winter caused some cracking in the gym wall.

Engineers looked at the issue in the fall and determined that the project be expedited this year. Before the current budget was approved, the division added this project to reseal the roof and fix the issue.

The overall cost of the project is around $800,000, according to St. Gregory’s principal Tim Fafard.

The provincial government does offer grants for maintenance projects that cost more than $100,000, Fafard said, but he wasn’t sure if the Evergreen Catholic Separate Regional Division applied for funds for this project. There are maintenance dollars also set aside in a fund from the district that can pay for this project.

Fafard believes this project will be wrapped up before the end of August when students will hopefully be getting ready to return to school.

The school was built into the side of the hill in 1982, with the roof partly covered by a playground.

The Hinton Voice tried to contact administration at the school division for more project information, but the information was not available prior to our publication deadline.