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Day: 2 July 2020

Vandals graffiti Erith, Lions parks

Hinton Parks staff completed the cleanup of graffiti that was discovered over the weekend in the Erith Park area and the area of Lions Park.

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Share Shop inundated with donations after re-opening

Hinton’s Share Shop began operations again June 22 and donations have been flowing in steadily ever since.

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Hinton Food Bank phases out home deliveries

The Hinton Food Bank is reopening their building to serve all clients as they phase out deliveries.

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Hinton SAR continued activity through pandemic

While the Hinton Search and Rescue (SAR) has had a busy month, things aren’t quite back to normal.

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Legislation proposed to close name change loophole for sex offenders

Minister of Service, Nate Glubish, proposed changes to the Vital Statistics Act last week that would require anyone 18 years of age or older to submit to a criminal background check as part of an application for a name change.

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Cardinal River processes last load of coal

Teck Resources Limited announced June 29 that Cardinal River Operations has now entered care and maintenance with the last steelmaking coal being mined and processed.

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