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COVID couldn’t keep Pandemic from moving ahead

Masha Scheele Photo
Local Matt Fuller, right, joined Pandemic as a guest rhythm guitarist for a July 11 show outside The Venue in the valley. Pandemic, a Beaumont-based band, formed during the COVID-19 outbreak this spring.

Masha Scheele

The band that played 70s and 80s hard rock and classic rock in front of The Venue doors this weekend is known as Pandemic, and formed in Beaumont during the stay home orders of COVID-19.

Prior to COVID-19 they had plans to launch a band and already started rehearsing. Once the pandemic hit, they decided they were going to rehearse via Zoom chat and Skype calls.

“When the stay home orders happened, they were lost emotionally on how to accomplish this, so like I said  they used technology to their advantage and went with it,” said Christine Danis, the self-proclaimed mom-ager.

Once restrictions allowed 50 people to gather, with physical distancing, they decided to have driveway and cul de sac shows named “COVID SUX CONCERT SERIES,” and have been playing for small groups in neighborhoods since then. Through this concert series they decided to raise money for the Chantal Bérubé Community Youth Centre (CBYC) in Beaumont to help troubled and under privileged kids.

Danis added they hoped the band could lift spirits and be a positive light to kids, amidst the darkness of a pandemic that has rocked the world and be an inspiration to kids to do what makes them happy.

They have raised around $750 so far in donations. This was their first road trip and first time in Hinton, but they hope to come back soon.

The band was not fully present this weekend but regular members include Jake Danis on lead guitar, Adam Kubalik on rhythm guitar, Kyan Hasheminia on drums, and Justin Fredericks on bass.

Since the show was a last minute request in Hinton, Kubalik and Fredericks had prior family obligations and couldn’t make it. Jake Danis’ dad, Marc Danis, filled in on bass for the weekend and Hinton teenager Matt Fuller jumped in for rhythm guitar work. James Beaudry from Edmonton joined the band on a ‘working audition,’ auditioning for the open role of lead singer.

The young men that make up the band were all supposed to graduate high school this year.  

Masha Scheele Photo
Guitarist Jake Danis and singer James Beaudry were front and centre as the band Pandemic played a live show July 11 outside The Venue in the valley shopping district.