Run In The Rockies to go virtual for 2020 event

Allison Rutley photo

Masha Scheele

Due to COVID-19, most big events had to be cancelled but the Hinton Run in the Rockies is going virtual for 2020

Organizers ditched the registration fees and to keep things simple they decided against sending out race packages.

“We just want people to get out and experience the Hinton trails,” said Matt Davies, one of the board members and organizers.

Between Sept. 12 and Sept. 20, runners can take on 5km, 10km, or the half-marathon on their own time. The course will be set up similar to last year on the Hinton trails and organizers plan to flag the course by mid-August.

“If you don’t want to do our courses you can go out and do a trail of your choice on the Hinton trails, that’s the format this year,” Davies said.

Davies added that runners don’t need to track their race but some proof that they ran the trails must be provided.

“If you don’t have a GPS watch, we’re not going to fault you for that. We just want to have people out there experiencing the trails. But we do require some sort of proof, so a GPS file or just a photo of you on the trail. Something to show you completed the distance,” Davies said.

Those who completed their distance will be entered into a draw for door prizes since race times can’t be accurately tracked.

Organizers hope to support local businesses through buying prizes locally.

Maps of the Run in the Rockies tracks will be posted online and organizers hope to also put together a GoPro video of the different courses for people to physically be able to see it as well.

Guided tours will also be offered for people who want to do the course but aren’t comfortable on the trails by themselves.

Anyone can join two of the board members to run the race, while staying at a safe distance from them. Back in April, the group already decided they would attempt a virtual event.

As they watched other big races cancel or postpone their events, they knew the race wouldn’t be going ahead as normal. 

They discussed registration, fees, and mailing a package with shirts and medals, but realized it was complicated.

They simplified the event just to get people out and enjoying the trails.

Post a running photo to in the comments section or tag @runhinton in your photo on Instagram between Sept. 12 and 20.

The Hinton Run In The Rockies was formed in 2011 and last year the race attracted almost 300 participants.

Last year local Shaughn Lalonde edged out Mario Rauber to finish first in the half marathon, while Chance Basaraba, Riley Beauchamp and Brenden Hunt finished first through third in the 10km event.