HMA debuts redesigned motocross track

Masha Scheele Photo
Ryker Meyer hit the Hinton Motorcycle Association (HMA) track Aug. 8 The HMA is located on Hwy. 40 south.

Masha Scheele

The Hinton Motorcycle Association (HMA) spent the past weeks rebuilding, cleaning up, and redesigning the main motocross track.

The longer and faster track opened on Aug. 8, ready to host races after being brought up to motocross race standards with all the proper safety features.

The outdoor dirt track is located along Hwy. 40 south. Lap times on this improved track will be closer to two minutes, which is an increase from what it used to be at just above one minute, said Cody Newman, HMA’s facilities director.

“It’s a faster track now, so we sped it up. It’s actually a longer track but it’s also faster so that the flow of the track is really good,” Newman said.

All new jumps have been added and a different layout. The last race held on the HMA motocross track was roughly 12 years ago, said Newman. The kids track was also completely redesigned recently.

“There have always been lots of kids, usually families will come out there,” Newman said.

Most years, HMA hosted family nights on Wednesdays but it never kicked off this year due to the pandemic. At one point they had 40 to 50 people during a family night.

Last year, HMA also didn’t host many family nights due to the unusually high amount of water throughout the summer months.

The track suffered due to all the rain last year, but HMA has been working on better drainage, which seems to be working well. Besides drainage, the track just needed some updating, upkeep and groundwork.

HMA received a lot of help through donations from companies and individuals to get the track to its current state.

Memberships have also been selling fast this year, which helped out the association with the upgrades as well. Memberships help the association maintain, cut, and clean up trails through the bush.

More people seem to be purchasing a motorbike this year, Newman noted, and those people are now looking to use them while they have the time. The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping more people closer to home, who are looking to recreate locally.

Although the track generally doesn’t have too many bikers out at a time, HMA is trying to limit the track to 15 people at one time.

Individuals who are buying memberships are made aware of the precautions surrounding the pandemic, but HMA hasn’t had any issues. Newman believes the size of the lease where the track is located would technically allow 50 people at one time currently.

The area currently offers something for three different skill sets through their kids track, off road track and motocross track. The nonprofit society is run completely through volunteers and has been around for more than 30 years.

For interested riders, a season pass allows full access to the track with some expected rules. Day passes are also available, but must be accompanied by a season pass member.

To volunteer or check for track updates, go to Hinton Motorcycle Association on Facebook or buy a membership on their website:

Matthew Worobey trying out the new and improved track on Aug. 8.