Community grants accepting fall applications

Masha Scheele

The Community Grant Program (CGP) is accepting local grant applications for the 2020 fall intake with $19,180 of available funds.

No online applications have been received by the Town and due to the nature of receiving documents during the pandemic, administration could not account for paper versions yet.

“I’m not aware of any received, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there haven’t been any. For context, we usually don’t see submissions until the last week of availability,” said Josh Yaworski, Hinton’s communications coordinator.

Without knowing when larger events will resume, this may have an impact on how many submissions are sent in for this grant intake as there are often applications for events.

Non-profit and community group operations may be scaled down due to pandemic impacts as well as the limited pot available to be awarded, Yaworski stated.

Each year, the Community Grant Program supports local one-time projects and initiatives, operating expenses of organizations in their development stages, and events for the public.

Two intakes for non-profit organizations usually take place each year in the spring and fall, but due to COVID-19, Administration was unable to conduct the spring intake for the grant.

The grant is funded from the Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) Reserve. The available contribution in 2020 is $19,180 based on 2019 ATE net revenue, which is a decrease from earlier years.

Up to 30 per cent or a maximum of $120,000 can be allocated annually to the CGP from the ATE reserve as per Town policy #078.

Administration anticipated a larger amount during the 2020 budget process, but CAO Emily Olsen explained during a council meeting in July that due to an unanticipated amount of write offs required for unpaid ATE fines this number was reduced. 

There is also less ATE revenue overall due to the reduction in operational ATE locations within the community.

In the fall of 2019, $29,727 was available for the second yearly intake and CGP applications added up to a total request of $39,000. Only $26,000 was awarded to three local non-profit organizations on Nov. 19.

In 2019, a total of $54,050 was available, down from $119,047 in 2018, and $243,181 in 2016.

From 1999 to now, the Town of Hinton has provided $1.58M in funding to local non-profit organizations through the Quality of Life and Community Grant programs.

Applications must meet certain eligibility requirements, including a price tag between $1,000 and $10,000, support of eligible expenditures, an approval of funding on a matching grant basis, and that any previous funds from the Town met reporting requirements.

These applications are then reviewed and ranked, using council-approved criteria, by the Hinton grant funding advisory committee. This committee makes recommendations to council in the awarding of Community Grant Program funding.

The committee is made up of five members, all of which are voted on by Council.

There is often turnover as terms on the committee are for one year, and the Town recently sent out a notice to apply as a member for this committee. Committee member applications are due by Friday, Oct. 16, 2020.

The grant applications are ranked based on needs assessment, analysis and planning with measurable targets and outcomes, cost-benefit value, degree of financial need of applicant/how much self-help, demonstration of thorough project plan, number of people impacted and how, financial stability and planning, and credible previous management of project/activity/organization.

Non profit organizations can apply at the Government Centre with a physical application, download the PDF from the Town of Hinton website, or use the live form on the website.

The application requires information regarding the organization, the project, finances, and so on.

An Applicants’ Guide is available online and the Hinton Connects team can answer questions about the application.

All applications must be in before Oct. 6. For more information or to view all application options, go to