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Council approves new bins for waste program

Masha Scheele
Local Journalism Initiative

Council discussed and approved three action items during the regular council meeting on Sept. 1.

Those items included the bin options for the solid waste management program, the naming policy, and the borrowing bylaw renewal for an ATB line of credit.

Waste program bins approved

Council approved the purchase of new regular toters with a DuraLatch lock for the solid waste management program, which will replace the old bins.

“We’ve discussed this at length, we are in a better position today than we were months ago. This is a better bin for our residents,” stated Mayor Marcel Michaels at the regular council meeting.

He added that many communities have much smaller bins than the 96 gallon bin that will be available in Hinton.

“I really appreciate that citizens are going to have options for different sizes,” added Coun. Dewly Nelson.

Administration will proceed with implementation of the modernized waste collection and retrofit existing Toter bins with the DuraLatch locking system.

The new bins with the simple-to-use latch stand up to rain, wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour, animals, and the day-to-day use of curbside waste collection. 

The gravity-based lock allows the lid to open automatically when the garbage truck tips and empties the cart, and then latches when the cart is set back down.

All bins have a 12-year body warranty and include hot stamping of Town of Hinton logo and shipping. 

The estimated Capital cost of replacing 3000 96-gallon bins for Single Family Households will be $270,000.

The 96-gallon and 64-gallon bins are available for council and the public to look at in the foyer of the Hinton government centre. The  48-gallon bin will be another option for residents.

In the future they will be displayed in other areas in Hinton for the public to look at and decide which size works for their household.

Naming Policy approved

Council approved Naming Policy DR-6105 and rescinded the old naming policy.

The new policy provides a process for the naming of development areas, roads, parks, and public facilities that recognizes and commemorates significant persons, history, heritage, and natural features of the community.

This Policy outlines where authority will be delegated, including Council’s roles and responsibilities. A Naming Procedure and Civic Addressing Procedure was also included in the Naming Policy.

Borrowing Bylaw Renewed

Council gave first, second, and third reading to the Borrowing Line of Credit to Finance Operating Expenditures Bylaw #1149.

This bylaw allows the Town of Hinton to borrow certain sums of money to finance operating expenditures to maintain contingencies required by its bank. 

“In 2020 the passing of this bylaw was not achieved due to changes in Town administration as well as issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to those circumstances [Alberta Treasury Branches (ATB)] has allowed an extension of the bylaw until such time a new bylaw is passed,” said CAO Emily Olsen.

The bylaw was passed in 2018 for the purpose of authorizing a borrowing line of credit to finance operating expenditures within the Town of Hinton.

Over the past three years, the line of credit has not been accessed or utilized, said Carla Fox, director of corporate services.

“There is no need to utilize the line of credit based on the current circumstances for the remainder of the year as far as finances go. We typically rely on our reserve fund balances and we manage funds back and forth as needed through those reserve funds balances,” Fox added.

Most tax payments have come in over the last few days and reserve balances are at a healthy limit. The limited capital projects, gas tax, and MSI is also allowing a good level of cash flow, Fox added.

The tax deadline was Aug. 31, and administration is looking at the numbers to determine the outstanding taxes and utility payments that could create issues next year.

The line of credit from ATB is set up with a limit not to exceed the principal sum of $2,000,000. 

The revolving line of credit includes $1,236,891.40 of credit, a Mastercard limit of $100,000.00 and a letter of Credit in the amount of $663,108.60.

This amount is repayable upon demand at a rate of interest per annum not to exceed the Prime Lending Rate established by ATB, and such interest is calculated daily and due and payable monthly on the last day of each and every month.

The Mayor and the Chief Administrative Officer are authorized on behalf of the Town to apply to the ATB for the loan/line of credit and arrange with the ATB the amount, terms and conditions and security to be given.