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CGF committee members yet to be appointed

Masha Scheele
Local Journalism Initiative

Council will be appointing members to the Hinton Grant Funding Advisory Committee for a one-year term inclusive of both 2021 grant funding intakes and the 2020 Fall grant intake.

A list of candidates for the Hinton Grant Funding Advisory Committee will be brought forward to the organizational meeting on Oct. 20.

Council appoints interested members of the public to Boards and Committees during each annual organizational meeting.

The last appointment of the Hinton Grant Funding Advisory Committee occurred in 2018 when council appointed members for a one year term to cover two grant intakes in 2019.

Due to an administrative oversight, Council did not appoint members for the committee at the 2019 organizational meeting.

Since no intake was conducted in the spring of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty surrounding Town funds, administration did not notice the lack of committee members.

Instead of appointing a second set of members for a one year term to advise on the awarding of the 2021 Community Grant, council decided the newly appointed members would cover three grant intakes.

“I think that it’s reasonable, as long as the group is able to commit. I also know they usually have other people potentially available from the Community Engagement Advisory Committee (CEAC), just in case,” said Coun. Trevor Haas.

To conduct the 2020 fall community grant intake, administration placed a call for applications to the committee, with a submission deadline of Oct. 16.

The 2020 organizational meeting will be held on Oct. 20, followed by training at the end of October and starting November.

Delegations of the committee will begin in mid November, and the grant funds will be awarded in mid to late November.