Maintenance shuts down water plant on Sunday

Tyler Waugh

The Town stated in a Sept. 30 release that as part of required maintenance and services activities, the water treatment plant will be shut down between 7 am on Sunday Oct. 4 and 10 am on Oct.5. 

In the days preceding this event, the Town and Aquatera will be working to ensure that the Town of Hinton’s potable water storage reservoirs are full going into the shutdown.

The Town has estimated that under normal conditions there is sufficient storage capacity within our reservoirs to supply water to our residents and businesses for the planned period of the shutdown.  

As a precautionary measure to extend the stored water and to mitigate the risk from any unforeseen conditions, the Town will take a number of measures between 7 am on Oct. 4 and 10 pm on Oct. 5.

These include closing the truck fill station, and postponing all water flushing and routine maintenance activities within the water supply system.

All Fire training withdrawing water from distribution system will be postponed unless emergency.

“To conserve water during the shutdown of the water treatment plant, the Town of Hinton also requests that residents and business do not undertake any of the following activities between 5 pm on Saturday October 3, 2020 and 10:00 pm on Monday October 5, 2020,” reads the Town release.

Those activities include watering lawns, gardens and trees; washing of driveways and sidewalks; filling of pools and fountains; vehicle washing and other non-essential use.

The Town of Hinton asks that their residents and businesses limit their water use to drinking, cooking and hygienic use only.  

This request extends to minimizing the use of laundry and cleaning activities during the above period.