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Pambrun named volunteer of the year by Rotary

Masha Scheele

Candace Pambrun was awarded the Hinton Rotary Volunteer of the Year award for her work with individuals and families in Hinton.

“In selecting Candace for this award, Hinton Rotarians are aware of many (but not all) of the things Candace has done as a volunteer in Hinton that far surpass what fits into her workday,” stated Bernie Kreiner, member of the Hinton Rotary Club.

This includes taking individuals and families to appointments or removing them from conflict situations, helping homeless individuals find a place to call home, and introducing role models into people’s lives to help them overcome challenges.

“It means a lot to me. I don’t volunteer to be recognized, I volunteer because it’s wonderful and I love being able to be part of things,” said Pambrun.

Pambrun was invited to present on Hinton Employment and Learning Place (HELP), where she works, during one of the Hinton Rotary zoom meetings when she was presented with the Volunteer of the Year Award. She noticed another avid local volunteer attending the zoom meeting and was convinced this volunteer was the recipient of the award.

“I had so many people in mind for this and every year we look for people to nominate for that. And then all of a sudden my office started filling up,” she said.

Pambrun said she was shocked and humbled when they finally announced that she was the recipient of the award. She expressed her appreciation for the award and for the people who wanted to recognize her in that way.

Candace Pambrun accepts her volunteer of the year award from Hinton Rotarian Daniel Duval.

The Rotary stated that Pambrun has a big, caring heart and shares opportunities in a caring way while leaving the ultimate responsibility with the persons she works with, and is able to promptly create rapport with people and put words and beliefs into action.

“She’s there when you need her—Candace does things when clients need support, not only during work hours. She reaches out to homeless people and responds as situations arise to help folks navigate the challenges of a difficult situation, whether finding a bed for the night, providing a caring ear to listen/understand/support, or an opportunity to motivate with some  “tough love”,” stated the Rotary.

Pambrun has volunteered for many one-off events but also for organizations she has been involved with for years that are very meaningful to her.

Although she has recently had to prioritize her volunteering time, she recommends getting out there and volunteering to anybody.

“Volunteering has gotten me jobs, volunteering has made me life long friends, volunteering has allowed me to be part of wonderful things like the Fohn Festival and different things like that,” she said.

It’s not hard to donate time and help out in some way, and it is a great way to connect with the community, she added. The connections motivate Pambrun to be part of her community and help make it a better place for everybody.

“For youth and for people who are new to the community, it’s wonderful. [Volunteering] is a good way to start to get to know people and build their rapport,” Pambrun said.

She noted that everybody has different talents that can be utilized in different ways to benefit local organizations and the community.

“I volunteer and invite my friends into that, people love the creativity and the different things that come with that. You also have the opportunity to expand on what’s there,” she added.

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