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Rotary repurposes wood street signs for fundraiser

Hinton Rotary Poster

Masha Scheele

The Hinton Rotarians are raising funds for their annual projects through the sale and auction of Hinton’s wooden street signs.

More than 300 wooden signs were cleaned and put in storage prior to the sale. Roughly 60 signs have already sold in the presale that started earlier this month and runs until Oct. 24. 

“There are some neighbourhoods people have been asking for signs but those neighbourhoods are more recent and never had the wood signs. Much of Thompson Lake, and the subdivision by the golf course never had wood signs. They went directly to metal when they were first developed,” explained Bernie Kreiner, member of the Hinton Rotary.

Signs were removed from Hinton’s streets this August to early October through an initiative from the Town of Hinton.

Anyone can contact the Rotary Club of Hinton and purchase a sign for $100 if they still have more than one of the signs requested.

If there is only one sign left from a specific street, individuals will have to wait until the auction and bid on the last signs available. For fairness, if only one specific sign exists, it is also held for the online auction.

“We purposely kept one for every street that had the wood signs for the auction. We didn’t want to sell the last one in the presale. We want to let people compete and bid if there is interest. Some may go for more, some for less in the auction,” Kreiner said.

About 120 unique and different wood signs can be bought through the auction website.

The internet auction begins on Oct. 24 and runs until the first week of November.

The minimum bid will start at $25 per sign, and a link to the auction will be available online through the Rotary website or Facebook.

“The minimum price will be $25 for most signs, if they are damaged we will put it at $15,” Kreiner added. 

Signs will be delivered by a team of volunteers on Nov. 8, or they can be picked up. All proceeds go to Hinton Rotary to support the projects in Hinton, and replace funds normally raised via the 2020 Oktoberfest, which was cancelled.

“This auction is an important piece this year, because in addition to [cancelling] Oktoberfest we don’t have many or any casino or bartending requests going into the Christmas season yet,” Kreiner added.

He noted that Christmas events typically bring in another $10,000 that go directly back into community projects.

Even if the street sign fundraiser is successful, the Rotary is headed towards raising half the funds they normally do in a year.

Although the Rotary doesn’t commit money to projects until the funds are available, Kreiner believes they will be able to maintain their core projects and contribute to some other initiatives. 

In addition to annual projects, the Rotary responds to written requests for funds. 

The Rotary recently committed $5,000 in advance for the outdoor classroom proposed by the Mountainview School Parent Council.

“We’ll be okay with committing as much as we need to with those regular programs but it’s some of the extras we won’t be able to do as much of,” Kreiner said.

Current annual programs include the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, the Hinton Food Bank, Hinton Movies, polio-plus donations to end Polio in the World, containers for Clubs, Highway 16 litter pick up, Kiva Loans for women entrepreneurs in developing lands, Oktoberfest, and bartending and casino services for events.

For information on the wood street sign fundraiser go to the Hinton Rotary facebook page or email Bernie Kreiner at

To view the online auction, go to and use the code: S3PYHT.