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Hinton Council

Boardwalk committee terms set

The purpose of a Beaver Boardwalk Committee (BBC) is to gather, study and discuss all relevant information regarding the Beaver Boardwalk condition and rehabilitation project in order to provide Council recommendations.

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Hinton homeless need HELP

Hinton should be concerned about homelessness in the community according to the newly released Homelessness Estimation report conducted through Hinton Employment & Learning Place (HELP).
A grant from the Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN) allowed HELP to collaborate with community partners and put together the homelessness estimation count.

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Maxwell Lake bridge going somewhere soon

Hinton residents could be getting some usage from the bridge in Maxwell Lake this summer as conversations between ISL Engineering and AEP continue.

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Push for change of mobile home tenancy act

Hinton council is pushing for a review of the Mobile Home Sites Tenancies Act in order to improve the quality of life and safety of mobile home tenants in Alberta.

A resolution was submitted to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) calling for a review in order to put pressure on the Government of Alberta to address issues with the act.

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CEAC streamlines work with council and public

After reflection and re-evaluation of the Community Engagement and Advisory Committee (CEAC) a new Terms of Reference and work plan for 2019 was formed, including limiting the number of public members from nine to seven.

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Council pushes to form Beaver Boardwalk committee

Terms of reference on a Beaver Boardwalk committee will come back to council no later than June 18, in order for select council members to work with boardwalk users, Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP), and administration and bring more information back to council to make better informed decisions.

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Council approves POST Master Plan

The Parks, Open Spaces & Trails (POST) Master Plan is the foundation for site-specific outline plans and supports the ongoing maintenance and new projects that enhance the POST experience in Hinton.

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Drop in photo radar affects non profits

Thirteen applications for the community grant program (CGP) requested a total of $82,017 this year, but only $27,025 was available during the first of two annual intakes.

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AEP review prompts gravel removal

Gravel was hauled out of the area near Maxwell Lake on March 20 and 21 after The Town of Hinton received a request from Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) to remove additional gravel from the trail on both sides of the new bridge.

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