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Misogyny exposed by Greta decal

The recent example of rampant misogyny to hit the local news, in the form of a professionally printed decal depicting an arguably dominant sexual act on a female, has put me back on my heels while simultaneously getting my back up.

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Same predicament, different election

The Voice published profiles on two candidates in our region. As of our (Sept. 26) deadline, there are also only two of a potential six candidates confirmed for the upcoming public forum hosted by the Hinton & District Chamber of Commerce.

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Lost In Transition? What is future of local projects?

It’s been little more than a month since the United Conservative Party (UCP) earned a majority government in the provincial election, and less than a week since the new government sat in its first legislative session.

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Thirty six years and still waiting

News of a body being found outside Hinton last week caused a flurry of speculation about whether the discovery would bring closure to one of a few high-profile missing persons cases in our area from the past few decades. The Hinton RCMP released a statement on May 3 saying that an autopsy had been performed […]

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