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You don’t have to call a different town, or even a different province, to talk to someone at The Voice.
We’re here for you, because we’re here. Literally, here, in Hinton.
We live here, we work here. All of us. Matter of fact, we work pretty hard here, so we don’t even take much vacation. So we tend to be here. And even if we’re not here, in the office, we’re still here, in Hinton.
You’ll probably see us up town once in a while, shopping for groceries or something, because our fridges are here, too. In our houses, which are here.

In 2009, we pooled several years of journalism experience, design experience and sales experience to bring our community a local news publication that was independent and not managed by shareholders in eastern Canada.

Today, we’re still going strong. Our editorial content is generated in Hinton, specific to Hinton, and directly related to Hinton. We’re committed to making sure Hinton is what we cover, and that we cover it well. The Hinton Voice has something to appeal to everyone, no matter who you are. You’ll find news, politics, arts, local sports, music, and events within our pages. Come see what everyone’s talking about.

The Hinton Voice Inc. 

Phone: 780-865-5688

Location: 209 Pembina Ave. Hinton, AB (Beside the Alberta Treasury Branch)

Mailing Address: Box 6716, Hinton, AB T7V 2G2


Masha Scheele

Sales & Publishing:

Tyler Waugh

Sarah Burns